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  • Client Bulletins issued since the most recent Topical Index
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    2020_17 3/20/2020 President Signs Families First Coronavirus Response Act [PDF]

    2020_01 1/7/2020 Budget Bill Repeals “Cadillac Tax”, Reinstates PCOCI Fee, Raises MRD to Age 72, Rescues UMWA Pension and Health Plans, Increases Penalties for 5500 and Other Filings [PDF]

    2019_16 3/14/2019 House Holds Hearing on Multiemployer Pensions

    “The Cost of Inaction: Why Congress Must Address the Multiemployer Pension Crisis"

    2019_07 2/1/2019 Multiemployer Pension Loan Program Bill Reintroduced [PDF]

    2018_76 11/30/2018 Joint Select Committee Fails to Reach Agreement on Plan to Avert Multiemployer Pension Crisis [PDF]

    2018_74 11/21/2018 Options Being Considered by the Joint Select Committee [PDF]

    2018_66 10/12/2018 Joint Select Committee Facing November 30 Deadline To Vote On Report And Proposed Legislative Language [PDF]

    2018_33 5/22/2018 Joint Select Committee on Multiemployer Pensions Meets Again In Educational Session On the PBGC [PDF]

    2018_27 4/20/2018 Joint Select Committee on Multiemployer Pensions Meets Again In Educational Session [PDF]

    2018_24 4/6/2018 Joint Select Committee on Multiemployer Pensions Meets [PDF]

    2018_18 3/9/2018 Bill to Authorize a New "Composite" Multiemployer Pension Plan Design Introduced Into House [PDF]

    2018_12 2/16/2018 Congress Establishes Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans [PDF]

    2018_07 1/26/2018 IAM Pension Participants Vote to Approve MPRA Benefit Suspensions [PDF]

    2018_06 1/24/2018 Cadillac Tax Delayed Until 2022! [PDF]

    2018_04 1/17/2018 DOL Keeps April 1, 2018 Effective Date for Disability Claims Regulations

    No Further Delays for the Rule

    2018_02 1/10/2018 President Signs Tax Bill that Effectively Repeals the ACAs Individual Mandate [PDF]

    2017_75 12/6/2017 Multiemployer Pension Loan Program Bills Introduced [PDF]

    2017_72 11/27/2017 Disability Claims Procedures Delayed Until April 1, 2018 [PDF]

    2017_24 4/19/2017 Cybersecurity Considerations for Pension & Welfare Plans

    Advice from the ERISA Advisory Council for Plan Sponsors

    2017_17 3/13/2017 House GOP Releases Draft “American Health Care Act” Bill [PDF]

    2017_15 3/7/2017 DOL Issues Final Equal Employment Opportunity in Apprenticeship Plans Regulations -

    First Update Since 1978 - Affects JATC Plans

    2017_11 2/14/2017 Four GOP Legislative Alternatives to the ACA [PDF]

    2017_10 2/10/2017 Alternative Pension Plan Designs [PDF]

    2017_04 1/19/2017 DOL Publishes Final Regulation Concerning Disability Claims and Appeals Procedures [PDF]

    2017_02 1/9/2017 Treasury Approves First MPRA Suspension Application

    Iron Workers Local 17 Pension Fund Gets it Right

    2017_01 1/6/2017 District Court Halts Implementation of Section 1557 Regulations Concerning “Gender Identity” [PDF]

    2016_71 12/14/2016 Two More MPRA Suspension Applications Bite the Dust [PDF]

    2016_60 10/27/2016 OCR Guidance on HIPAA & Cloud Computing [PDF]

    2016_58 10/19/2016 What are "Significant Publications and Significant Communications" Under ACA Section 1557 [PDF]

    2016_57 10/14/2016 Criminal Charges Filed Against Contributing Employer for Mail Fraud Based On Filing False Remittance Information [PDF]

    2016_51 9/12/2016 House Committee Releases Discussion Draft on a New Multiemployer Plan Structure - "Composite Plans" [PDF]

    2016_41 7/29/2016 Proposed Revisions to Form 5500 and Schedules Published [PDF]

    2016_39 7/22/2016 Phase Two HIPAA Privacy Audits Have Begun [PDF]

    2016_25 5/9/2016 Treasury Denies Central States Pension Fund's Application to Reduce Benefits Under MPRA [PDF]

    2016_09 2/12/2016 U.S. Supreme Court Limits the Reach of a Plan's Subrogation Clause Under ERISA Where the Participant Spends the $$ [PDF]

    2016_08 2/8/2016 DOL Sues IAM National Pension Fund and Nine Trustees for Various Breaches of ERISA [PDF]

    2016_05 1/29/2016 District Court Upholds Arbitrator’s Decision That “Employer Contributions” Included “PPA Funding Contributions” Under Reciprocity Agreement

    “Full Amount” of Employer Contributions Subject To Reciprocity Under the United Association (UA) Pension Reciprocal Agreement

    2015_40 8/10/2015 Draft IRS 2015 Form 1094/1095-C Instructions Give Clear Guidance to ALEs Contributing to Multiemployer Plans [PDF]

    2015_32 7/1/2015 Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriages are a Protected Right Under the Constitution

    Ruling Invalidates State Law Bans Against Same-Sex Marriage

    2015_27 6/17/2015 IRS, PBGC Publish Proposed MPRA Regulations and Procedures [PDF]

    2015_23 5/22/2015 2,473,132 Rea$on$ For Multiemployer Pension Plans To Review Their Reciprocity Agreements And Practices [PDF]

    2015_06 2/12/2015 Anthem to Notify HHS of Breach and Provide Identity Theft and Other Protections [PDF]

    2015_04 2/6/2015 The "Hack" at Anthem and the HIPAA Privacy Rules on Breach Notification [PDF]

    2015_03 2/3/2015 Final Multiemployer DB Funding Notice Regulation Issued Applicable 1st Plan Year On or After January 1, 2015

    Model Notice Included

    2015_02 1/23/2015 DOL Releases Guidance on Apprenticeship and Training Plan Expenses - Skills Competitions [PDF]

    2014_60 12/18/2014 Congress Passes Multiemployer Pension Reform;

    President Signs Into Law

    2014_49 10/17/2014 Court Rules Multiemployer Pension Fund’s Withholding Of First $1/Hr. of Employer Contributions From Traveler Violated the Plan, The Reciprocal Agreement and ERISA [PDF]

    2014_40 8/20/2014 EEOC Issues Updated Enforcement Guidance On Pregnancy Discrimination Which Affects Health Plans [PDF]

    *Archived Client Bulletins may be listed in the Topical Index